The Dance

The saints woke,

Walking to their place of meditation

They lift their heads and kneel.

Remembering the prayers of the faithful

Their voices go to the ears of angels.

And ride the wings into the heavens. 

Where miracles abide and worries subside

The dance of the prayers of the saints.

Christine McNeill-Matteson

copyrighted 2023

Waking in Spring


I hope I will always wake in tulip sunshine

among the fragrance of green grass

growing near flowing rivers

while breakfast sizzles in

cast iron skillets

with biscuits

on cobalt



If this

goes away

in my memory

and leaves me for

another day in changed

places, I want to still wake

in tulip sunrise and still smell

the coffee brew to another time but let

not the reciting bobwhites forget to sound; so I will always remember.

copyright: CMM 2005

Easter Moon

Easter Sunrise

Pink moon descends

While Jesus’s resurrection begins .

A year of hardship

Around the world

The Wrong unfurls

May the message of love

As a sacrifice reigns

And we in follow, do the same .

CMM ©. 2022


Spring tulips

Strong against storms .

Bring hope

The morning after …

CMM ©. 2022

The Dance

Edited in Prisma app with Leya

We see what we want to see,

we hear the sounds we want to hear,

Listen closely to the way the earth

dances with the flowers…

The symphony of the atmosphere

copyrighted : 2021. CMM

Spring Again

The sky begins

To rumble

The earth breaks

And begins to crumble

Bulbs push up

To soak in rain

And signs now show

Spring returned again

CMM. ©️ 2021


I woke

A morning pulls me to go out of doors

And stand among the cosmos

To allow the lights to christen

Into promise, will I be witness?

God is listening,

The universe displays his breath.

Shhh, it says,


© CMM. 2020


Sun reflects hope of

Early spring on the river

Seasons hope of change

© 2020. CMM


Holy Week

Gray-streaked morning
pushing up a coral-rising dawn.

Our week of the holiest of holies
as the promise of mankind

now returns to renew the mystery.
Humanity looks to renewed hope.

the dawn of holy week peeks just above
the existence of creation.

Now two thousand years ago,
It has brought forward another Triduum.

CMM  2019

I ran almost 4 miles this morning and everywhere I ran were little pinwheels to bring awareness for child abuse .