Last Ride

I pulled aside upon my path

my kickstand now down…

The wheels that turned for so long,

Now stays upon the ground…

The wind has changed and now still,

The grass no longer green

the last ride has been complete

the rider no longer seen…

I have stopped for the last time

and pause to say good-bye

I hope to see you on the trail

somewhere on the other side…

Copyright:  CMM  2011

Dedicated to a friend who lost his battle with Mesothelioma



let’s have a conversation

no, not a wish list to reply

let’s go somewhere and listen

we can laugh or we can cry

let’s stop and say nothing

or just smell the air around

let’s have a conversation

or never make a sound

what is really of value

is you are here for me

and I am always seeking

to have a conversation

a time to sit and be…

Copyrighted:  CMM  2016

In Company

I sit before you all that I have,

A moment,

A cup,


It isn’t the coffee that is the gift,

It is the importance,

A time,

A bequest…

I sit before you and we drink,

Smelling the coffee,



Pour into the gift,

Of you and me,


The moment…

I sit before you.

We pour


©  CMM 2013

cup of coffee

Colorado Hiking

Stephanie and I hiking at the ‘Garden of the Gods’ , Colorado Springs, Colorado