The modern-day lamb in stripes and stars


Lay in sacrifice of what should be.


He re-ignites the paschal-candle of brotherhood


and kindness in a country so dark.


darken from the light of goodness.


He poured from the receptacle of time,


and honor and devotion.


He lays the gauntlet of ‘moving-on’


In hopes others will follow.


Copyright:  2018, Sept 1, CMM

(In honor and memory of Sen John McCain )



Blarney Stone


The blarney stone that must be kissed,

upon the young and old secret wish.

As leprechauns hide in the trees

Equinox calls for winter’s eve.

Promising to find a rainbow’s gold

while tales of Gaelic undertake of old.

Now the Celts beckon their clover green,

caftan plaid skirts give away the genome,

Threnody hushed from the past…

as renaissance of wishes forever last.

©  CMM  2013

222231_1067433375114_3181_n.jpg(dedicated to Stephanie n Jonathan )