Tea Leaves

Tea leaves

Float aimlessly

Stirring moments

Of newness

New day

New year

New hopes

New beginnings

Some people read tea leaves

— I just drink them .

2022 © CMM

She and the Sea

Her soul needed refreshing 

she returned to the sea

when the waves came, her troubles leave

her hair played with the wind

her smile swept across her face

she felt the universe give back her grace

early morning from darkness to light

rise into colors of orange, pink, reds 

she nodded and watched, no words said

Her soul needed refreshing 

she returns always to the sea

where the waves come, her troubles leave 

Copyrighted:  2017 CMM


IMG_3296.JPGAn hour of time,

a lifetime,

a pause,

a moment,

a second,



by who


the times…

copyrighted by:  CMM  2017

Home Coming


img_1215I go to the ocean


To listen


I go to the sea


To find the lost me


I go to the shores


To hear the waves pray


wet sand caress my feet


The wind to lift my hair


I go to the place


My beginnings to renew


Whirling around me free


I have missed you my friend; the sea.


Copyright:   CMM  2016


unlikely blooming

of the white bouquet of

lilies waiting …

Renaissance from the darkened

dregs of life’s bottomwater lilies