Knell Bell

Ash, fallen losing its form,

drifting to places—

Places once given to life

now void in the body.

Blemished leavings of

perfect love and life—

Spent time, celebrations

now void in the mind.


to awareness made up

of dreams and hopes,

now void in the soul.

The ticking of the clock,

the clanging echoing,

noises made in the senses,

now void in the hearing.

Spoken words of promise

of heart felt memories

devoted love forever—

now void in heart.

We have heard many

warnings, sounding often

in the distance, never noticed—

until we hear the ringing.

Knell bell

final sounding—

Echo without vibrations,

muted sounds, never heard; but felt.

copyrighted: CMM 2002

Lost Valentine

Before the pain,

there was laughter 

sharing of wits

the morning after 

before the pain 

there were smiles

all night conversations

lingering for a while

before the pain

she felt safe to know

he was  there

they would grow 


before the pain

all was everything

no needs 

before the pain 

Copyrighted:  2017 CMM

Last Ride

I pulled aside upon my path

my kickstand now down…

The wheels that turned for so long,

Now stays upon the ground…

The wind has changed and now still,

The grass no longer green

the last ride has been complete

the rider no longer seen…

I have stopped for the last time

and pause to say good-bye

I hope to see you on the trail

somewhere on the other side…

Copyright:  CMM  2011

Dedicated to a friend who lost his battle with Mesothelioma

Brains, Beauty and Brawn

Hey, that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I’m about.

A date, that’s not what’s great,

What’s great at any rate,

Is the relationship that dictates,

Our friendship that is true…

Hey, that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am about.

First it’s secrets that are told,

Then its Ferbes that are sold,

We hop in our Trac when told,

For our evening we pursue…

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

As we learn and time will pass,

our parties they’re a gas,

and each other we harass,

the thing remembered will be you…

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

We grow to depend on each other,

and the friendship becomes a brother,

and the bonding like no other,

the separation will soon be due.

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

Hold on to me real tight,

as someday it will feel like night,

because my brother will be out of sight,

remember that, I love you…

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

Listen dear friends take my hand,

and wherever you go understand,

there is no ocean and no land,

that memory will subdue…

Hey, that’s how I feel, Hello that’s what “WE” were all about!

(Dedicated to my daughter, and her two high school buddies endearingly called, ‘Brains, Beauty, Brawn’.)


copyrighted:  1999 CMM

Another Place

I walk upon the canvas

the gray and green elephants 

walk around me. 

Always in dimensional lights

of bright and then dim

the gathering of familiar faces

was all that I could see. 

I look to see upstairs to find

and you were not there. 

I continued down the stairs 

the face of your adversary 

standing fatter and pompous.

A distant call was hung into space

I heard the gritty sound of ignorance,

I heard the sound of disgrace.

I never saw but knew.

I asked this fatter one where,

where were you? 

He turned to another and gave directions

I could no longer contain the pain,

as I beat upon his chest and

cried with years of disdain…  

Copyrighted:  CMM 2016img_1051


Yeats in his epitah does say,


chiseled in stone of gray



“If there is one left to cry,


horseman pass me by.”



Trojan men, painted clone,


equestrian power, chiseled stone.



Oh, steed the poet’s cry,


witness to the final sigh.



The pen, the ride, united quest,


invites you near, as their guest.



But when the final blow does come,


please leave by in open run.



I will in spirit lope to see,


all the poets following me.



copyright: CMM