I ran this morning

At the end of night

Just before the sun appeared

And as I did the time passed

As though we were at a race

I kept my balance and kept

My sight and did not lose the pace.

CMM © 2022

Art work : © CMM 2022

Trying to get ready for the “Stars and Stripes “

Hospital Hill Run

I love the outings of just moving


I look upon my pen

And dig deep within

So I will know to say

The writing for today

I call upon the muse

the words I hope to chose .

I knew them all so well

While running in the spell

Of early morning light

At the end of a long night .

CMM. © 2022

A Morning Run

after a Sunday fun.

Now it is time to work

And remember …

CMM © 2022

Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon a

runner’s delight. Hangs above

the starless night.

The poets and sage wakes up

to view, the promise to see

the pink settled hue.

CMM copyright © 2022

Summer’s Eve

the golden sun rises

Into the morning’s heat

As the world slows down.

CMM 2022

Ice Cream and Volkswagons

I remember those days

we would eat ice cream

and never gain a pound.

Going to the Tasty Freeze

ordering chocolate on chocolate.

Sitting at the booth with my sister,

talking to our new friends

and laughing.

So easy to laugh then at everything;

even ourselves .

CMM. 2022

Ran Virtual Hospital Hill Run , 604 ft gain

When We Were a Couple of Kids

This should be a blank page,

but it is not…

Because now we have little ones

massacred in playful steps

while celebrating their last

Days of school.

Receiving honors for hard work,

looking forward to hazy days

and ice cream reasons.

Instead it is replaced

with Gurneys carrying out limp

souls of young bodies

dangling from under discrete sheets.

Screams are heard in meeting

places as families receive the news.

Darkness takes place,

” when we were A couple of kids”

CMM 2022