The sea whispers

Breath comes in and then out

In a distance it sweet roar

Crescendos in a swell

Of soft breeze travels through

I feel tranquilizing sleep

We try to linger in the unknown

We are just too human

So I fall asleep with feelings


Copyrighted:  CMM  2019




A robin waits and then she soars

I run the hills out  of doors

In the middle of world’s unrest

I still run and the Robin makes her nest.


3.00 miles



Copyright 2018

Midnight Sea

Midnight and the sea and wind plays just inside the moon.

Beacons flicker on the horizon to remind the sea the ships wait until morning light.

Unseen Artist’s brush sweeps white froth clouds  against a midnight sky.

The poet listens to the wind’s promise to bring a rain shower to lead the dance.

The dust of the day , the worry of tomorrow finds a journey into a healing crescendo.

Copyright:  2016 CMM


Home Coming


img_1215I go to the ocean


To listen


I go to the sea


To find the lost me


I go to the shores


To hear the waves pray


wet sand caress my feet


The wind to lift my hair


I go to the place


My beginnings to renew


Whirling around me free


I have missed you my friend; the sea.


Copyright:   CMM  2016

Day of Dreams

Speckled spaces of sparse
clouds, covered captures of
shadows as shining sunset
peers in private perfection.
Lowering lights of last
twilights tempting timing
calls carefully a christened
day of dreams and doubts.
©   CMM   2012

Morning on the Shores



Morning on the shores

brings you back to the place where

you can hear sunrise

in sequential order of

light, flight and the rush of tides…


it is then I pray.