Today a run

Of hope…

©. CMM. 2020

Missing Christmas

Christmas lights flicker

   into colors, green and red.

The silence of the season

   hangs in what is not said.

img_9294It is the knowing you are not here

   your smile I miss the most,

The quiet way you made it so

   a holiday Christmas toast.

I will miss our first Christmas

   with you not around.

I will miss all the other Christmas’

    in memory do resound.

Copyrighted:  2011 CMM


Valentine’s Day

I tried to cry but the pain was there

I felt the hour of our shared despair

Sisters bleed as time turned gray

Mingled tears from another day

A mother gone so much not said

A wilted memory and sadness shed

A soft word in a written note

A longing shared our grasps  remote

Sisters bleed as time turned gray

Mingled tears for another day .

Copyrighted:  2016 CMM



Easter’s Story is in the midst of us now,

the love mystery; everlasting somehow…
The spring resounds of birds at rest,
as they seek food and build their nest.
The sun strives to warm the earth,
as we fade in eternity reincarnation’s birth.
We celebrate the soon-to-come,
when death and life, receives the risen ‘son’.
©  CMM  2013