The Wind is Speaking

The wind is speaking
The morning night
A whispered breeze
A rhythmic quiet

The wind is speaking
A gentle wake
The limbs carry
The boughs break

Stars hang
A sparrow sings
A morning sighs

Copyrighted:  CMM 2019

A. M.

Moment of many,

a hope of time.

A minute of peace,

beauty in rhyme.

Copyright © 2019


Just Below the Surface

Just below the surface

laughter is a gift

a day of sunshine

a friend shared

a sister cared

I quietly rise

and in my chair

I think of things

and say my prayers

the flickering light

the quietness of morn

has washed over me

from others scorn

I look past time

and sense a grace

it is not  mine

but, just below the surface

a tear wells up

I take a deep breath

look toward the flicker,

and pick up my coffee cup

Copyrighted:   2019   CMM

Morning on the Shores



Morning on the shores

brings you back to the place where

you can hear sunrise

in sequential order of

light, flight and the rush of tides…


it is then I pray.

Early Fall Morning

Sitting quietly at my desk,

the cool breeze from Autumn’s start

and the warm summer’s rest…

In awe as song bird breaks silence

tunes the mind in quick reply

feeling my soul start to comply…

copyrighted: CMM 2010