Running Feels Like My Church…

Mom’s Birthday

It is your birthday

We cut the cake

We shared a memory

For old time sake

I am not sure if cake is there

Or parties or birthdays

But today Steph and I share

A piece of cake on this day

Your birthday 🎂

The Robin Still Sings

I woke this morning

the weight of my sister’s grief

felt like tons of sandbags.

The knowing of war felt like

an old man’s story.

I rise to find hope and wonder

as I hear a sound outside,

opening the door I know

as I hear;

the robin still sings…

CMM © 2022


I walked among the trees and stopped to say hello. The sweetness of his greeting gave me to know.

God still exist ❤️

The Children’s Virus

He put his arm around me

Told me it was going to be ok.

This virus will not last forever 

It will not stay…

My uncle told me that he loved me

the virus will go away

the vaccines are helping

this virus will not stay.

He will be a friend to call on

or a buddy to play ball

a confidant to share with

the switch games and all.

He put his arm around me

told me it was going to be ok.

The virus will not last forever,

this virus will not stay.


Magical Gingerbread House

A ginger bread house

Of warmth and love

Put together in tenderness

A sweetness of charm

A glowing touch

A sharing of familiarness

The walls are strong

And stuck with glue-

Like snow glistening

The roof and the snow

Are cotton candy sweet.

the walk a chocolate tantalizing.

CMM ©2021

Running in liquid sunrise

liquid sunrise glows

Into my morning run and back .

World exist and the beauty

Never lacks

CMM ©2021

Heart to Heart

A breath , a beat

Hearts connect eternity

Life begins, echo.

CMM © 2021


I was running and

Passed a fence and saw color

sun crest, reflection.

CMM© 2021