MACBETH played by my son , Jonathan Matteson ! I am always so proud of him!

A. M.

Moment of many,

a hope of time.

A minute of peace,

beauty in rhyme.

Copyright © 2019


1st Sunday of Advent

A wakeful glimpse

Into darkness that helps us

See past into the light

CMM @ 2018

I met ‘ Father Time’ yesterday. He turned and said, We have known each other before.” I replied, Mona Lisa. He bellowed out a laugh and said, ” That will do.”


“Speak to me olé muse and through me tell the story” —Homer


My Gaelic daughter,

A child of grace.

A spirited heart,

An angelic face.

Fears of a mother

Go ahead of her steps.

No greater joy,

Her pain is kept.

Walk among the clover,

Feed under the thatch.

Angels go as you rover .

A lassie of no match.

Copyrighted © 2018 CMM


a tender moment

Mother and daughter share time

While the children play

Copyright © 2018 CMM


a cover white might

Otherwise make sight of what

Others see alike


An Irish ☘️ old pub

Refuge of change tonight

Rustic relics embrace

@CMM. 2018


Lovely morning run

Verdant green trees shade beacon

A peaceful rest

@ CMM. 2018