As If It Was Not Enough

As if it was not enough

The confusion in streets

Bullying on lines

As children hide

In homes of fear

Economic strains of

Success and failure

While countries

Close their borders

To human dignity

Guns firing while

Children falling

People dying

Without reason

Without notice

Color of skin

Makes up of worth

Marginalized women

Old people disregarded

Then, then

There was Harvey

Copyrighted:  2017 CMM

The Drop

It was just a drop.

     “What drop?”

     “You know the drop.”

“Tell me, but first tell me why?”

     “Why?”  “We cried.”

      “Because of the drop.”

“What drop!?”

      “One who humanity denied.”

      “Because, it was a drop.”

“Because of the drop?”

      “The brown paper bag.”

      “Matched the drop they denied.”

“But, we still cried.”

     “We still cry.”

      “Each time they deny.”

Copyrighted:  2016  CMM

1st Sunday in Advent: He Came

As the chickadee finds its nest,

among the prickly leaf—

The labored Mother sighs,

as birthing finds relief.

Then nature joins a chorus,

among the star they sing—

Humanity realized his birth,

of the resurrection King—

He came among the world,

in quiet winter’s rest—

chickadee without notice,

continues to make his nest—

Copyrighted: CMM 2001