Twilight crest after

midnight storm gives way to verdant

grass, and hope appears …

© CMM 2019


Morning sun rises

My soul’s shade is lightened now

No rain weigh it down .

Copyright © CMM. 2019


People ask me why?

Why do you run 🏃‍♀️ when you can?

Universal peace…

CMM © 2019


A silent morning

Reflection of just being

Feeling the before


1st Sunday of Advent

A wakeful glimpse

Into darkness that helps us

See past into the light

CMM @ 2018


a slow climb endured

Moments brought to attention

Mind, soul and body

Copyright : CMM 2018


I climb hills to run

Trees beside the hot road sway

beckons endurance

Copyright @ CMM 2018

Hibiscus (haiku)

the magenta bloom

misty morn no rain in site

Our climate warning


@CMM  2018

Vineyard V

The past did reign , tears

left stain, and the wine flows in

aged apology…


©  CMM  2015

Castello de Amorosa

Castello de Amorosa

Vineyard IV

Diverse rich molten soils

erupt into twisted hope

with grape-bulging vines…

©  CMM  2015

Napa Valley

Napa Valley