I ran morning clouds

I finished I felt the sun

Still smiled I was done❤️

© cmm 2020


Flowers sent today

Valentine’s a sweet array

Swells the aroma

Of today’s remembrance

Echoes of Shakespeare’s semblance.

©. 2020 CMM

“ Let Mary Rest “

“Let Mary Rest” Pope Francis depiction of the manger . Merry Christmas 🎄

December 2

Let me see if I

can add miles to my run

As Christmas draws near

Haiku 2019 CMM December

A day of celebration

Hot Chocolate

Cold evening

Hot chocolate



Thank you

For being my friend

Even if it had to end

Your friendship

Lives richly in our sharing

Cold evenings

Hot Chocolate

2019 copyright © CMM

“Joy’s Song”


A dedication to my friends, Mary Phillips, Susan Caruso, Joy Nowlen, who lost their battle with breast cancer.  Honoring all this month “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”



“Joy’s Song”


I remember “All Souls’ Day” with a song I wrote.

Written by: Christine McNeill-Matteson

Produced with Kip Haaheim Music and instrumentalist

vocalist;  Jonathan Matteson

Music written by: Daniel Myer



Copyrighted:   CMM 2016



a tender moment

Mother and daughter share time

While the children play

Copyright © 2018 CMM

In the Rain

I lost my friend under the rain

She and I use to run when we were young

We spoke of sweet hearts and dreams

sports and basketball

We shared french fries

Dr. Pepper and coke floats

She held the record for broad jump

and I was a forward

There were always  tomorrows,

until I lost my friend in the rain.

She let go one day in the rain,

it was suicide…

Copyrighted:  February 2018 CMM