It was a little church

brick layered from years

creating a shelter

for children to feel safe.

Singing gospels,

‘jesus is calling’

and ‘amazing grace’,

people stand in faith.

Wooden pews curved

into the backs tired

from laboring fields

bent  by the plow.

Promises coming from

pulpits of well intending

preachers who draw from

biblical stories.

Stories of trial and

triumphs of ancient

believers who strived

and survived.

Promises raining

from a place called

heaven, a place many

were destined to soon go.

“Sweet hour of Prayer”

they listened and sang

holding on the pews

as the children watched.

Yes, they would leave

to go home to their

Sunday dinner, knowing

“In the sweet by-and-by.”

Copyrighted:  2018 CMM

In My Garden

There are secrets in my garden

You need but walk a piece

You will stumble on a flower

And a butterfly at ease

Walk but just a couple steps

You almost see them grow

The purple and the yellow

But please walk a little slow

There are secrets in my garden

A prairie dog you might  see

A pansy or a daisy

However please be quiet

Not to disturb the frog so lazy

Or the fountains where angels sit

I invite you in my garden

Where joy is laid and kept

Copyright:  2017 CMM