3rd Sunday of Advent

6.37 miles run

I met ‘ Father Time’ yesterday. He turned and said, We have known each other before.” I replied, Mona Lisa. He bellowed out a laugh and said, ” That will do.”


a tender moment

Mother and daughter share time

While the children play

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You held my hand,

and we walked in trepidation onto the precipice,

when the wind of uncertainty caught us,

as we lost our footing into the abyss.

Falling into jagged walls of truth

and uncertainty…

we landed finally into silence.

Searching, we were separated from the other,

waking in time,

looking up, I see you have managed to climb

onto the edge, watching and waiting.

Sadly, the stones under your footing

loosened by your climb

break into a fall.

Copyrighted:  CMM  02/11

Morning Sky


Under the magic

Across the blacken sky is

Wonder of life and love

CMM @ copyright 2018


a cover white might

Otherwise make sight of what

Others see alike


Just before birds sing

And daylight on horizon;


CMM @ 2018


at 2:52,

25th, she grew


@ CMM 2018

Happy Birthday Steph 🎂