Among the Stars

   A Dream

white moons hang next to one another

bringing heaven’s presence and earthy observer

to notice…

Hanging like large bulbs lighting existence,

closer and closer they merge into one light

colliding …

looking across the way into the darkness

the moon dust falls light on a field of magnificent emerald

green elephants…

they move as though dancing without music,

gracefully they silhouette around the other

peacefully moving…

again I look upon the heavens and the moons

have separated again, white light emerging

toward the other…

cataclysmic they collide once again,

burst into a million stars

the heavens reflect…

Blue Moon

Christine McNeill-Matteson

June  2015

Unwanted Test

They sat in the dark,

side by side.

For darkness is still,

upon the lake.

Spoken softness

of hearts unbound.

The shadow of the loons,

caught their eye.

The past remembered,

already set.

The loons that glide,

they hide in the dark.

Is this not the same,

for the two that spend,

grasping in the middle

of empty spaces.

Hearing the other,

learning to share.

Silence breeze caresses

the fear.

This takes the edge

off the unwanted test.

The loons will remain

on the lake at night,

in the dark they hide,


©  CMM  2003