I Forgot to Smile

I woke with a chilly cold autumn day.

Put on my running shoes 

and guzzled my coffee.

Stepped outside to start a jaunt

zipped my sweatshirt and 

double knotted my shoes.

I look upward to the black sky,

no stars, the storm left remnants 

of a cloudy morning and cool breeze.

Stepping one foot in front of the other

my body began to warm up. 

Soon the pace was decent enough 

I passed a few others, just a few

The world is not visited often 

with twilight runners. 

Dropped acorns the size of walnuts

lay trepidatiously in my path, 

hidden under leaves and branches.

I cautiously step into the places 

of shadows and lights, glare

by streetlights and car lights.

Finishing, I see reflection from the sun

just peeking into the dark horizon

giving way to a more cemented pace.

I see the car and start to slow down,

A feeling only a run can pass on,

accomplishment of the now. 

I walk to the car, feeling the breeze 

I look to see someone near and then I 

remember; to smile. 

CMM  2021

Winter Solstice

The darkness will now

curtsy Black

Turn to the moon and

stars their back

To raise the shade

Of light again

With winter’s flight

And night rescind

A frost brings a cold

Frozen nip

As the sun travels

The global trip

Giving back the light

from autumn darkness

Now soon to be out of sight


Copyrighted:  2017 CMM