Magical Gingerbread House

A ginger bread house

Of warmth and love

Put together in tenderness

A sweetness of charm

A glowing touch

A sharing of familiarness

The walls are strong

And stuck with glue-

Like snow glistening

The roof and the snow

Are cotton candy sweet.

the walk a chocolate tantalizing.

CMM ©2021

Father Time

Father Time returns

Another year older

His beard whiter

The weather much colder .

CMM © 2021

Ginger Cookies

Cookies of ginger

With shared times so tender

Christmas magic …

© CMM 2021

Jon writing Christmas Cards

One Tree

One tree this year.

A time to remember.

We miss our loved ones

In this Covid December .

We will not forget

We are still in hope.

While many have lost

and now have to cope.

We light the candles

We cut the cake.

Pray for the lost,

different memories we make.

CMM © 2020

It’s a Wonderful Life ( excerpt with Jon Matteson, my son)

“ Let Mary Rest “

“Let Mary Rest” Pope Francis depiction of the manger . Merry Christmas 🎄


Christmas long ago

A childhood unsuspecting

Grown now; reflecting

CMM © 2019


So the gray lights the

Day of anticipation

Soon to be Christmas

CMM. 2019