I turn to see a shoe I missed

It was my Mother’s slippers

I thought I could climb the stairs

with even sounds of flippers.

I stepped into the stairway

and much to my surprise.

I lost the one, kept the other

I felt it gone and realized

I still had one on the other foot

and that was ok you see.

I will continue on in venture

carrying my mother’s shoe with me.

So such is life in little things

our children do take with him.

The climb the shoe and little

one too and leave a shoe with them.

©  CMM  2015IMG_4005

One of the best commercials I have seen in a while; subtle humor.

Dragon and Me

Dragon and Me So, I was looking out past the glass, when my best friend Green Dragon resting next to me, turned and asked, “When you grow up will you take me too?” I stood and pondered, and wondered a while, I looked past buildings that went on and on, and thought of being bigger […]


Keeper of my pantry,
throw away my key.

For this is to be kept,
and only for me.

Preserving the fruits
of love are here.

Seasoned just right,
so they would be near.

So keeper of my pantry,
throw away my key.

So no one would enter,
but God and me.

copyrighted: CMM 1998