Autumn Love


Bleached white and muted grey wood line,

covered with spots of unthawed snow.


Patches of green grass left from summer.

The smokey grey morning clouds hang heavy.


As the morning light breaks into shadows cast.

Winter has taken hold into arctic temperatures.


Still nature stays attentive to coming storms.

Sitting at my desk I am taken aback as one brave


bird dares to break the silence and sing of spring.


Copyrighted:  CMM  2019 


“Speak to me olé muse and through me tell the story” —Homer

All Souls

An autumn morning with

crisp awareness of summer past.

Brings to memory how

the saints soon hover and last.

Orange pumpkins lay to rot

Along the porch and drive.

While chapel bells ring

calling ‘All Souls’, who still survive.

Copyright © CMM 2018


autumnal Equinox gently arrives

warmth of the summer lost in the skies

Burnt orange and red are made of your dress

A sigh of relief now we will soon rest

From a summer of drought and too little rain

We will put it behind us; wait for seasons to change

Copyright © CMM 2018


a tender moment

Mother and daughter share time

While the children play

Copyright © 2018 CMM


All Soul’s Day, has come to past,

just in time to remind at last,

we are very temporary here

snow has fallen early this year

So as the day brings us to see

The souls and saints among the trees

Symbols passing in nature agrees.

Copyrighted : CMM  2017

Summer’s Ending

summer’s ending
the leaves are drying
the wind is softer,
the heat subsiding
it is as if
they all agree
that summer’s ending
drop down your leaves
moisture is lost
the darkness takes hold
the larger birds balk
the mosquitos are bold
summer’s ending
I feel Autumn say
the days will be shorter
as limbs now sway
to welcome the Fall
stilled by the heat
it won’t be long
it is Autumn’s sweep.
Copyrighted:  2017  CMM

Brains, Beauty and Brawn

Hey, that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I’m about.

A date, that’s not what’s great,

What’s great at any rate,

Is the relationship that dictates,

Our friendship that is true…

Hey, that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am about.

First it’s secrets that are told,

Then its Ferbes that are sold,

We hop in our Trac when told,

For our evening we pursue…

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

As we learn and time will pass,

our parties they’re a gas,

and each other we harass,

the thing remembered will be you…

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

We grow to depend on each other,

and the friendship becomes a brother,

and the bonding like no other,

the separation will soon be due.

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

Hold on to me real tight,

as someday it will feel like night,

because my brother will be out of sight,

remember that, I love you…

Hey that’s how I feel, Hello, that’s what I am all about.

Listen dear friends take my hand,

and wherever you go understand,

there is no ocean and no land,

that memory will subdue…

Hey, that’s how I feel, Hello that’s what “WE” were all about!

(Dedicated to my daughter, and her two high school buddies endearingly called, ‘Brains, Beauty, Brawn’.)


copyrighted:  1999 CMM