He dances and laughs

Smiles and sings with everyone.

Solos his heart rings

© CMM. 2020


the birds wake with song

Cold still air lingers morning crest

Runner 🏃‍♀️ does her best .


My Gaelic daughter,

A child of grace.

A spirited heart,

An angelic face.

Fears of a mother

Go ahead of her steps.

No greater joy,

Her pain is kept.

Walk among the clover,

Feed under the thatch.

Angels go as you rover .

A lassie of no match.

Copyrighted © 2018 CMM

Jon Matteson, “Shakespeare and Company” Hotspur

Whispered Prayer


Produced/written by:  Christine McNeill-Matteson

Music Composed /Performed by: Kip Haaheim

Vocalist/ Katie Bieber