Month: October 2020


Autumn wears many faces

As the mornings lift

Into fog and mist.

Leaves now shuffle in sound

Dry enough to drop

Below the mothering tree.

Cool breeze will make way

To a warmer day

Reluctant to begin.

Black walnuts fall below

Your feet in surprise

Causing this runner to skip

By so not to fall…

©. CMM. 2020


I run 🏃‍♀️ below and above

the sun’s beginnings.

The dewed fog moistens drying fields

and glistens with prisms reflecting.

The quiet is loud as my jaunt shuffle

interrupts nature’s morning’s stage.

An uninvited guest, I slip by,


sun presses my face with warm rays

as the glare squints my eyes to see,

and I am ushered on.

©. CMM 2020

Green Socks and Pink Sparkles

Her faithful wish each day

her green socks and pink sparkle shoes

Would always stay

On her feet looking down

She would see magic in her green socks

And sparkles all around

Her Mom would ask

Let’s take the shoes off for a while

It will help them last

The Princess looked away

Very surprised and shook her head

” no, thank you , not today”

CMM. © 2020


The sacred moments

A time of you

A cup of cider

A thought renewed

CMM ©2020